The British-based coding kit company Kano announced the launch of a new crowdfunding project this week.

Following on from their previous success, the company launched three new coding kits, which includes a camera kit, pixel kit, and a speaker kit.

Much like their previous Computer kit, the pieces for these new kits will snap together and will allowing you to program your own code by dragging and dropping preset lines of code in the software, making it easy to learn how to code.

The camera kit has been designed to allow you to create your own camera system, with an easy to build process that makes it easier for kids and a tripwire sensor included that will set the camera to capture a moment when something goes past it.

With the free Kano Code software, you can also program the camera to take pictures at set time intervals, or when there’s certain weather conditions for the perfect time-lapse.

The Pixel kit is a light board that can be used to display pretty much anything that you want.

You can set it up to show anything from games all the way up to the stocks.

It will also snap together, and will come with a tilt sensor to make the display more interactive.

Last on the list of the new devices is the Speaker kit, which combines a Bluetooth speaker with a synthesiser.

It will allow you to stream music, loop sounds, and learn about electronic music.

You can program your own drum machine into it, and even add a gesture sensor to change the volume, distort the sound, or switch tracks with gestures.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding project is looking to raise a total of $500,000 to get into production, to get to which, they are offering a pre-order of a kit for from $99, or $249 for all three.

Check it out at the source link below.

Source: Kickstarter


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