It’s quite likely that you have a safe within your home, but what happens when you leave home? Do you leave your valuables back there, or do you risk taking them with you?

Well, Master Lock hopes to make that question a little easier with their latest portable safe, which they have designed to help keep your valuables secure in a clean, portable package that you can take with you this summer.

Featuring a secure clutch design, Master Lock say that it is the perfect accessory for any commuter, cyclist or even pushchair user, and because it features a concealed cable, it can be easily carried around, and secured to a fixed object for when you want to leave you valuables in a safe place, like when you are taking a dip in the sea for example.

Style: "PimpE"

All this weighs just 73g but comes in a package that can comfortably secure your smartphone, camera, wallet, jewellery, keys passport or anything similarly sized, which can be secured behind a dial combination code.

And it even features a handy headphone and charging cable access port for your gadgetry.

The Master Lock Portable safe is available now for £29.99. You can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: Master Lock

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