Forget SpaceX’s latest weekend special, this weekend will certainly wow many space lovers around the world.

This is with KFC’s planned launch of a fried chicken sandwich, which was launched into the upper atmosphere earlier today where it will remain there for a few days, after which it will begin its descent back to Earth’s solid ground at 2,000 feet per minute.

Check out the launch in the video below.

They also made a pretty funny press Q&A video.

Primarily it is just marketing, however, it will be important to World View Enterprises, who will be providing their Stratollite balloon to launch the sandwich and will probably see some of their own marketing wealth from it.

This balloon has been designed to float up to around 100,000 feet and is capable of staying there for months to a year at a time.

Until now, Stratollite has only seen between 6 and 12 hours of game time, so four days will certainly be a fantastic test for them.

This KFC flight will be recorded and streamed live as the launch happens by five different cameras.

And the sandwich will even take its own selfie.

the launch was supposed to happen yesterday, however, due to the weather, they have had to postpone the launch until tomorrow at 8AM EST or 2PM BST.

[Updated to reflect the successful launch.]

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