Today we found yet another Kickstarter Project to recommend to you guys, dubbed the BRCK, it’s basically a wireless router that can be used as a fallback should the power go out in your house.

Created by the Kenya-based non-profit, Ushahidi, BRCK can switch your internet connection between Ethernet, WIFI, 3G or 4G connections on the fly, all you do is plug-in the cables a slot in a SIM card and it’s ready to go.

The BRCK also comes in a rugged design, and can support as many as 20 devices using a WiFi connection, lasting up to 8 hours from a single charge.

And with 16GB of built-in storage it can even act as a NAT drive, syncing data from Dropbox, connected devices or any other compatible app you choose.

They do however have their own service called BRCK Cloud, this can be used to monitor and configure the hardware.

Check out their video below for more details  and head on over to their Kickstater page to pledge some money.

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