Since I first got an iPad the first thing I thought of was attaching a keyboard to it, the perfect way to do this would be with an iPad keyboard case but the current ones on the market look terrible, well until today as a new Kickstarter campaign called Brydge has been unveiled, aiming to provide a keyboard case that looks great and adds a range of feature to your iPad.

The keyboard case is made with an aluminium body that has been machined to match the look and feel of the iPad, the keyboard connects through Bluetooth and even comes with optional stereo speakers.

In order to keep your iPad secure when it’s inside the case it also includes a patent-pending hinge which keeps your Apple tablet in place whilst allowing for 180 degrees of positioning, alongside this, the case also includes technology to allow both Brydge and your iPad go to sleep upon closing the lid.

If you opt in for the stereo speakers you can play music and sounds with no need to plug-in any wires via the same Bluetooth connection the case uses with the keyboard, included in the keyboard section of the device is various function keys, designed to perform specific actions on your iPad.

Charging can also be done through a USB cable which you can use to charge your case via your computer or USB charger.

Check out the video below for more info about the case, as well as their Kickstarter page where you can pledge some money to get yourself one of these cases.


Via [Kickstarer]

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