Remote control accessories for your DSLR can be extremely expensive, especially if you want one to use with your iPad or iPhone. CameraMator changes all that with a new, wallet friendly wireless controller for the iPad and iPhone.

To us the device all you have to do is plug it into the USB port on the camera, which will then allow you to preview and share photos to your iDevice which have been taken from the camera itself.

The CameraMator allows users to share photos, use a self-timer, control their camera, review images instantly, and use the Intervalometer and HDR Bracketing features in-built.

As the project is only currently available on Kicktarter you will have to pledge to get one, but that’s okay simply because of the price Usman, the founder of CameraMator is asking for.

To grab one all you will have to do is pledge $185 or more (limited) by September 5th, and you will get your device and app by December.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign CameraMator via the link, there’s also a video with more information below.


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