[Update] It seems that this project might have crashed recently, with the creator of the project posting an update to the page that basically states the he cannot build enough of the products for a cheap enough price to make the venture possible, as such it seems as though those who backed the project won’t be getting their Elroy’s.

And this is more or less the main problem with Kickstarter projects like these, by entering one you are investing in something that could flop instantly, and you still might not get a dime back. But that’s the risk you take by purchasing something from a company that’s not yet established.

You can find out more on the project’s update post here.

[Original Story] Yesterday a recent Kickstarter project was defiantly kicked into a starting position, reaching well over its goal of $30,000, Elroy is a new set of Bluetooth headphones that come with a clever twist, the headphones themselves are actually magnetized, which means you can simply store the earbuds away in their own docking mounts either side of Elroy, ad they will be held secure.

Alongside which you can even answer calls of begin playing music by simply removing the earbuds from their container, which is all done via a Bluetooth connection, which will support pairing with up to 7 devices, and you can even use your own set of headphones if you simply want a Bluetooth dongle via the 3.5mm output jack.

As the $79 early-bird offer is now finished, if you want to back the Elroy for yourself you will need to pledge over $89 (adding $10 for international shipping), this will grant you the Elroy itself with a choose of colours, of course you can pledge even more than that for other rewards.

Check out the video below for more information, and make sure to hit up their KickStarter page to pledge for yourself.

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