Kickstarter is probably the best place on the internet to find new and cool gadgets for your devices, is one of the newest to hit the crowdfunding site and is a mountable, waterproof and rugged case for the iPhone that includes a wide-angle optic lens, allowing users to create awesome pictures and videos wherever they want.

In order to launch the case, they first need to raise some funds for injection molding tooling to manufacture the cases and base mounts, with each new mount costing around ten thousand dollars in tooling according to the team.

The case has been made with an aluminum locking latch and over-sized SAE Aerospace Standard seals to keep the case waterproof to  IPX8 standards, within the case there will also be waterproof acoustic pass-throughs for the iPhone’s speakers and microphones, providing you with full access to your phone.

Even though the case is fully sealed in this way the case still provides easy access to all buttons and of course the touchscreen.

Around the back of the case there’s also a Wide Angle Lens attachment, which is a multi-element lens with optical grade NBK-7 glass and anti-reflection coatings which doesn’t distort underwater or shrink the field of view. have also designed a patent pending technology that works with a free app to allow users to use the touchscreen and camera when wet, which basically allows you to start/stop video recording or take a photo by simply swiping the included wristband by the case.

Probably one of the coolest parts however is the range of mounts available, which allow you to mount the phone in a range of places which easily clipping into the case, one of these includes the sticky-base mount which can be used basically anywhere and simply attaches to a wide selection of surfaces with the included 3M VHB adhesive, or can even be mounted with screws.

However you don’t just have to stick to the mounts included as are also allowing people to design their own mounts through the Shapeways store.

You can find out more by watching the video and checking out the link below.

Sources: and Kickstarter

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