Kickstarter has some pretty amazing products to throw money at from time to time, and Instacube is just one of those that has amazed us.

Instacube is a new “living canvas” that can show you images from your Instagram feed as they happen, there’s no wires or the need to launch an app on your smartphone either as Instacube is completely portable and standalone ready.

One of the coolest parts about the Instacube is how it has been designed to work seamlessly with Instagram itself, for instance the screen has been designed to fit the normal photo resolution for photos, which is around 600×600 pixels, which means you get all of the images in full resolution.

All you have to do is plug it in, connect to a Wi-Fi network and login to your Instagram account, you can then use the cube to easily swipe through your stream as you would do with the smartphone app.

But the touchscreen isn’t the only control, as the Instacube also has a set of buttons on the top allowing you to toggle better you feed, turn of the cube and like photos in real-time.

Alongside all of that it runs on an Android with an ARM Processor which includes 4GBs of storage and 256MBs of RAM, which D2M (the creators of Instacube) have said will allow them to frequently update its functionality and maybe open it up to developers.

Check out the video below for more information, and if you want to pre-order one for yourself you can do via their KickStarter page where you will have to pledge from $99 (limited) to grab one for yourself.

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The Latest Incubation Innovation from D2M | Design to Matter

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — D2M | Design to Matter (D2M), a veteran product design consultancy based in the heart of Silicon Valley, is proud to announce the launch of Instacube.

“When designing Instacube, I was inspired by the idea of creating a living canvas,” says John Whaley, Head Industrial Designer at D2M | Design to Matter and visionary behind Instacube. “Up until this point, Instagram has been a very inward, pocket-sized experience. With Instacube, our Instagram feed becomes an outward expression. Now we can enjoy our Instagrams as they happen, and appreciate them in full-scale for the pieces of art they are.”

Instacube feeds all of your various photo streams from Instagram wirelessly and in real-time, while delivering all of your images at three times the viewing size of the average smartphone. The arrival of Instacube means that a user’s smartphone or tablet no longer needs to be the primary Instagram viewfinder. With Instacube, Instagram users can view their dream destinations, mouth-watering meals and sights from their daily adventures on a big, beautiful device. Military families can stay connected by sending Instagrams directly to their loved one’s Instacube. Your bedside Instacube can even wake you up to serene sunrises from around the world.

Instacube is 7.5″ tall/wide and 2.5″ deep. The square LCD touch screen brings a modern edge to this retro-photo inspired device. The rechargeable battery preserves the existing mobility of the Instagram experience. The enlarged form factor and independent viewing platform of Instacube guarantee that users experience Instagram in a completely new way.

Instacube’s setup is simple and seamless; turn it on, log in to Instagram and images will begin streaming from the cloud. Instacube is controlled via the touch screen and three tactile buttons on the top (power, toggle & like). Hashtags and handles control your feeds, so switching between streams throughout the day or setting up an Instacube for a family member is a breeze.

“Kickstarter is a game changer for entrepreneurial companies like D2M. Since its inception, D2M has been about pursuing entrepreneurial consulting, meaning we practice the innovation we preach by launching our own ventures alongside the work we do for clients. By combining crowd acceptance and crowdfunding , Kickstarter has given D2M the power to devote more time and more resources to launching innovative new product categories” observes Andy Butler, D2M’s CEO.

Instacube officially launched on Kickstarter August 21st, 2012. D2M | Design to Matter hopes to raise $250,000 to begin manufacturing of the device. “Early adopter” pricing on Kickstarter starts at $99 and Instacube will retail for $149.


D2M | Design to Matter offers end-to-end product design and development out of its Silicon Valley headquarters and office in Hong Kong. They provide Industrial Design, User Experience, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Software & Firmware Engineering in addition to sourcing, manufacturing support and quality control to their clients. They were co-founded in 1994 by serial entrepreneurs Andy Butler, and Bill Burnett, who also serves as Executive Director to the Stanford Design School. Larry Tsai is the Managing Director for D2M Asia Ltd., D2M’s office in Hong Kong that oversees sourcing, supply chain management, tooling, manufacturing and quality assurance.

John Whaley: With an educational background in Sociology (and a focus on Nonverbal Communication and Social Interaction), Instacube designer John Whaley is the type of innovator that puts the user at center stage. His perspective on design is one of empathy and diversity, tying humanities to industrial design. John has designed everything from fashion accessories to consumer electronics, and industrial products to lighting fixtures. His skillset encompasses the entire design process from ethnographic research to concept development and packaging design.  He has designed products for Qualcomm, Peerless Lighting, Foxconn, and others. John is the head of Industrial Design and User Experience at D2M | Design to Matter.
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