The iPhone is great for taking photos, but if you want to do it professionally you’re going to need some extra hardware, like this Kick pocket-sized LED lighting panel which allows you to use different lighting effects when taking photos on your iPhone, which can be controlled through the companion iPhone app allowing you to set various controls including rainbow, strobe, mood and even fire, lightning or cannon shots, allowing you to set pretty much any mode from your photos and videos.

Alongside the effects there is a color picker included in the app to allowing you to choose from a whole spectrum of colors to light the room up with, the best thing though, is you don’t have to use an iPhone the Kick can also be used with a DSLR or compact camera, or even as a standalone, but if you do use your iPhone you can control up to four Kick lights at once, all with different effects.

The worst thing, it’s not available yet but you can pledge $89 to get your hands on the Kick Basic, or pledge even more than that to get a better model.

For more information check out the Kick’s Kickstarter page, as well as the video embedded below:


Via [Kickstarter]

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