Upon browsing Kickstarter earlier today, a newly launched project instantly caught my eye, its called Plug and is basically a small USB adapter that can work as the brain of all your devices, allowing you to sync all of your devices up to multiple USB drives.

All containing the same files, and using the same exact storage, your devices will begin to work as one with the use of Plug, allowing you to play with the same content on any device, access anything and everything from any device, no matter the storage, and end the ever annoying process of plugging in USB drives, and portable storage devices to play one movie.

TO do this, Plug simply connects to your home network, and then streams content from the attached USB devices across it, kinda like a NAS drive, but a bit easier to set up and a whole lot cheaper (without including the storage devices of course).

However the great thing is, you can still access this content offline, simply select what you want to access offline before you pull the plug and it will be ready for you in your internet free environment.

And on top of that, the creators also claim that they have a technology that will allow you to share this content instantly, and all content that is stored using the device will be backed up automatically, with multiple versions.

And there’s so much more, for the full details head over to their Kickstarter page here.

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