Since the Introduction of Smart TV’s everyone has wanted their HDTV at home to become smarter and run apps, the only problem is that Smart TV’s can sometimes come at an expense and is why one start company has started to develop a cheaper way to run Ice Cream Sandwich on your home display, in the form of a USB stick the Pocket TV will hook up to any HDTV around the world via a HDMI port and allow you to access Google’s Android OS.

One plugged in you can do more or less the same sort of stuff as your Android smartphone or tablet, including downloading apps, viewing media files via the cloud or SD card and even play games all of which will be shown in full 1080p. Controlled via a standard IR remote control the card can be used with various remotes including the Air Remote which uses a gyroscopic sensor to control devices via hand gestures.

Currently the device is available on Kickstarter at a starting price of $99, this is only till July 9th after which it will rise to the regular starting price of $160, check out  the video below and their Kickstarter page for more info.

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