You may here a lot of the time that REM sleep is the most important process to your daily nap, but sometimes it can be hard to get. Well, a new device on Kickstarter is here to help, called Remee the REM mask helps you to become Lucid in your dreams. The team thought they would make a comfortable and affordable mask.

To use the mask all you have to do is turn it on before bed and Remee will do the rest once you turn the mask on Remee will wait for a long delay which is usually around 4-5 hours which is the time when you are in heavy REM stage, after which Remee will start to display light patterns for 15-20 seconds, which will apparently bleed into your dreams helping you become lucid.

The device is even customizable allowing you to edit every setting for the full night sleep delay, short delay. It even has a setting called ‘nap mode’ which lets you trigger signals after just 15 minutes.

So if you thinking about getting one you will need to head on over to Remee’s Kickstarter page, where you can donate accordingly to what you want. A $5 donation will get you a Remee wooden coin, $15 gets you a Remee dream journal with pen, $80 donation gets you your own Remee, in your choice of 5 colors, $100 is good for a Remee Space Exploration Limited Edition Mask, and $140 you will receive your own custom Remme.

Check out the video below for more info and drop us a comment on what you think about the Remee.

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