The 1980s was a great time for the “Brick” phone, which you wouldn’t believe was actually quite small for its time, over time these have got even smaller transforming into smartphones like the iPhone, but I for one can’t help missing that old brick phone.

In order to bring the 80s back Shisa Labs have started development Retro Brick Bluetooth Handset, launched on Kickstarter just a couple of days ago the company is looking for $150,000, in order to bring their retro brick handset dream to live.

The handset uses Bluetooth 2.1 technology to connect to any phone that has Bluetooth 2.1 or above enabled once connected the brick will then become a phone without the hassle of actually using it as a phone.

Obviously the main feature of the Retro Brick is that it can receive and send phone calls from your phone, but that’s not all the handset has for you as it also includes a backlit keypad in order to place calls directly from the handset, a built-in speakerphone to allow for hands-free chat and a 8 character alphanumeric LED display, which will show menu’s and numbers as you type them, it even comes up with ‘connected’ once a call has been placed, giving it that real authentic look.

In fact the only part that isn’t authentic about the Retro Brick is its battery life, with a 20 hour battery life you defiantly have no worries about it dying on you.

The brick also comes in different four color choices including, Classic White, Neon Blue, Neon Green, and Hot Pink, and is available from Kickstarter starting at $85, check out the video below for more information.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]The Brick is Back! 80’s Inspired “Retro Brick Bluetooth Handset” from Shisa Labs Available For Pre-Order on Kickstarter!

The mobile “Brick” phone was a symbol of status and success. This beloved 1980’s icon was coveted by many but owned by few. It is now available to all.

The Retro Brick is a wireless bluetooth handset styled as a 1980’s “Brick” cellular phone. It pairs easily with all Iphones, Android phones, as well as all bluetooth enabled cell phones. The Retro Brick appeals to anyone who appreciates retro technology or making an amusing statement. It can be used as a house phone, office phone or fashion accessory.

Great care was taken to recreate a classic for our modern times. The Retro Brick makes and receives calls in high quality digital audio. A backlit keypad allows users to place calls directly from the handset. The built-in speakerphone allows users to talk hands free. An 8 character alphanumeric LED display allows for easy menu navigation and an authentic look. Standing at an eye catching 13 inches tall, the Retro Brick is impressive on your desk, or a conversation starter when you use it walking down the street. It also weighs much lighter than the original and is comfortable to hold.


30Ft Range
Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR
VOIP capability via existing Bluetooth connection and HSP.
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
20 Hours of Talk Time

Available in four colors: Classic White, Neon Blue, Neon Green, and Hot Pink.

Available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at $85 USD.

Shisa Labs ( is a product development company founded in 2011. Our goal is to create innovative technology with clever design.[/spoiler]

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