We have covered a lot of Kickstarter projects here on TechNutty since our launch a year ago, but it still never seizes to amaze us the products that some people can come up with and bring into the real world with this site, Shimi is just one of those that launched recently.

Shimi is a new musically intelligent robotic speaker dock for your smartphone that can analyse your music and actually dance to the beat whilst it plays through its built-in speakers. Not only will it play your music, it will also become your DJ, recognising facial gestures from its built-in camera, and switching songs that it thinks you don’t like, alongside that Shimi will also recommend you new tracks based on what you have already played.

Probably the coolest part of Shimi is its facial recognition software, which will allow Shimi to tilt and move his head depending on where you are in the room, and Shimi can even hear what you say through its language processing software, which will allow it to find tracks on your phone that you ask for, Shimi can also play a track according to a rhythmic tap or clap that matches one of your songs.

But as always with Kickstarter projects, in order to get Shimi off the drawing board they need help and are asking for $100,000 to help get them of the ground.

You can pre-order your Shimi today from their Kickstarter page for a $129 pledge or more (limited).

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