SmartThings is one of those things that we have all dreamed about having one day, home automation but to an extreme as SmartThings will connect pretty much everything in your house to the internet allowing you to do just that, things such as turning on the coffee machine and opening the blinds when you wake up, or notifying you that your dog has just ran away.

SmartThings also promises to allow you house to automatically lock itself and turn of plugs etc when you are not in, these all work through a plug which can be connected to various end-devices such as automatic door locks, thermostats, humidity sensors, presence sensor, power outlet switches and a lot more, all of which can be controlled from the SmartThings mobile app.

The great thing is that the SmartThing platform will be open for anyone to build their own every day things to connect with the SmartThings hub, which goes the same for the app, which they have opened up allowing developers to create their own apps to work with the system.

The only problem? To bring SmartThings to market they need to reach their goal of $250,000 Kickstarter first, which you can help with by pledging any amount of money you like to the service, in return you will receive bonuses depending on how much you pledge.

Check out the video and source link below for more information.

Source: Kickstarter

Update: They have already reached their goal of $250,000 after three days of being online, which is so far $8,000 over what they originally set, but that doesn’t mean you should stop pledging as this looks like a brilliant service anyone would want in their home.

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