The current white medium length cable currently supplied with the iPhone is not too great to be honest, with a range of problems starting with its length and finishing at the frayed mess you get after a couple of months.

But thankfully there are some third-party companies developing some better alternatives, like Kickstarter newest cable, Twig.

The Twig isn’t just a cool name, though, and is extremely versatile and even bendable, giving you the ability to even use it as a tripod.

But that’s not it, because of its size the Twig is also extremely portable, ending the issue of not having a cable when you need one, the cable can also be bent as a stand for your phone whilst charging, and even used to keep your headphones from tangling up.

Check out the video below, and head on over to the Twig Kickstarter page where you can contribute $18 or more to get your own cable.

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