Kickstarter is a great place to find awesome projects for new product ideas and services, one which caught our eye earlier today is the Vamp, launched by the London-based designer, Paul Cocksedge (I had to double-check that one) and is a new device that will add bluetooth capabilities to any speaker, be it new or old.

The Vamp will allow you to connect any Bluetooth capable device to that speaker, be it a smartphone, laptop or even a tablet, all you have to do is plug the cables from the Vamp into the back of your speakers.

Which is where the cool part comes in, the Vamp will actually adapt itself to the speaker you own with the provided cables, meaning anything from a 3.5mm cable to a terminal port can be connected and used to playback music wirelessly, providing a max output of 95 decibels.

The next cool thing is that the Vamp can actually stick onto the speaker itself, magnetically attaching itself to a sticky metal pad, that can be attached to any side of your speaker.

The device also has a 10 meter Bluetooth range and a rechargeable battery that can last 10+ hours.

Looking for £35,000 in funding the project needs pledges via Kickstarter to be successful, a pledge of £35 will grant you one of these devices in red, white or black, a £55 pledge however will get you the special edition version with your name engraved into it.

If successful the Vamp will ship in June 2013, find out more by watching the video below, after which make sure to check out their Kickstarter page.

Source: Kickstarter

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