The popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter has today announced that they have received over $1 billion in pledges since the service first launched back in April 2009.

To break that into facts, more than half of that $1 billion was raised in the last 12 months alone from a total of 5,708,578 people in 224 countries and territories, and from all of the seven continents.

Within those countries the top 10 countries to pledge started at the US whose residents pledged the most at $663,316,496, then the United Kingdom at $54,427,475, after which was Canada at $44,913,678, Australia at $31,776,566, Germany at $21,607,047, France at $10,131,159, Japan at $7,139,419 Sweden at $7,150,257, The Netherlands at $7,033,026, and finally Singapore at $6,710,981.

Alongside this Kickstarter also revealed that 15,932 people have backed more than 50 projects and 1,689,979 people have backed more than one project.

That’s pretty impressive numbers for a site which was only launched 5 years ago.

Source KickstarterThe Next Web

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