Kickstarter has this week that it has raised over $2 billion in pledges from all of the campaigns that have been started on the platform, which is an amazingly large number considering that Kickstarter was founded just five years ago.

That number was revealed by Kickstarter this week with details on the statistics about funding, pledges and campaigns, along with the announcement that they hit this $2 billion number three times faster than when they reached the first billion.

This number was pledged by over 9.5 million people, out of which a third of whom have supported more than just one project on Kickstarter, the majority of whom supported between 2-5 projects.

Something that was also very interesting was that a total of 49 people have backed more than 1000 projects.

Most pledges were also $100 or less, with the majority of pledges set at $25, with more than $100 million pledged for no reward.

You can head over to the source link below to find out more about all of the statistics and to see how well the company has been performing.

Source: Kickstarter

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