Today the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter announced the launch of a new service that will help their creators to create and develop new hardware.

Called the Hardware Studio, it is a new suite of tools that have been designed to help with various elements of hardware development, which they are doing thanks to their recent partnership with Avnet and Dragon Innovation, who will provide startups with the help that they need to start the manufacturing process for their idea.

Kickstarter is doing this because they have witnessed a number of prodjects fail to deliver on their promise recently, with a number of projects failing to deliver hardware specifically, with the press covering that at every step of the way.

This obviously causes some bad press for Kickstarter and doesn’t help them with attracting cautious users.

Any creator that is interested will be able to apply for Hardware Studio support ahead of the launch of their campaign, from there, Kickstarter will accept and deny applications based on their own requirements.

Accepted creators will then get a consultation from both Avnet and Dragon Innovation, who will help with getting a product launched and the best way to get that project manufactured.

They will also work with some campaigns in a more formal capacity, providing deeper support for the creator’s project.

It’s certainly an interesting idea and should help Kickstarter provide a better service to their creators and their backers.

You can find out more at the source links below.



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