Kickstarter has finally made its way to the UK, allowing projects to now seek funding in pounds rather than dollars, allowing the crowd-funding site to expand even further.

Even though some UK-based projects have been able to start-up with the new currency a few weeks back, they were unable to complete their projects until October 31st had passed, allowing all projects to technically launch on the same day.

Alongside the British Pound listings, start-ups can also register their address outside of the US, which was previously an issue they had to face.

The weirdest part however, is that UK listings will be shown alongside listings from the US and not on a separate page, which I think could turn out extremely confusing and makes it very hard to find new projects in the UK.

I do look forward to finding some of those British projects however, as I know there are going to be some to knock the US out of the water (so to speak).

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