A new Kickstarter project caught my eye earlier today, called Pixel Press the new start-up is looking to create a new platform for users to create video games without the need to code anything, all they have to do is simply hand draw it and then upload it to the application for the iPhone and iPad.

These can then be shared across various social networks to show off your works.

Here’s the description from Pixel Press’s developers:

“With the Pixel Press platform you are designing five floors of a video game level. Your hero will start at the bottom and attempt to overcome the obstacles you create to reach the elevator at the end of each floor to advance up to the next floor. Your objective is to create a level that is progressively more challenging from top to bottom.

Players of your level will be measured on time, but a single mistake will force them to start over. It’s fastest to finish to take the #1 spot but be careful as you reach the top. Placing powerups from level to level will give seasoned players of your level an advantage as they learn your creation. For example one path may only be accessible if you collected the right powerup in the previous level.”

Check out the video below for a quick look at Pixel Press in action, and make sure to head over to their Kickstarter project page and pledge some money to make this awesome idea a reality.

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