Kickstarter has today renewed its Terms of Use with three new main features according to the company, including a change to the whole document to make it more straightforward and clear, as well as to include a few new changes that will allow Kickstarter to open in new countries, and finally a more detailed outline of what is expected from each and every Kickstarter project.

The latter of which will probably be the most important to you as it means the company has implemented some new striker guidelines on content creators.

Here’s a screenshot from one of the new paragraphs that explains this new change to how creators must now use the service.

Screenshot 2014-09-20 02.05.19

Yancey Strickler elaborated on this with the following statement on the company’s blog.

“For the overwhelming majority of projects, it’s pretty simple: creators finish the work they planned, backers are happy, and nobody sweats the details. But there are exceptions. Sometimes problems come up, projects don’t go according to plan, and people wind up in the dark about what’s supposed to happen next. So we’re spelling it out — what’s expected from backers, what’s expected from creators, and what needs to happen if a project runs into trouble.”

It is most certainly time for Kickstarter to get a little more serious with the service with so many projects being cancelled lately, however it won’t happen for a little while yet with the new Terms of Use going into effect from Oct. 19.

Sources: Kickstarter, Kickstarter Blog

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