Have the 20 years wait for Kid Icarus: Uprising been too long? Was it worth it? We will take a look in this review.

Pros: We loved the graphics and expandable options for the game, and think it’s defiantly one you want to pick up.

Cons: We didn’t like the control options.

Firstly if you haven’t played Kid Icarus before don’t worry as this game is fairly easy to pick up without previous knowledge, the game is a third person shooter and a non-real shooter, being one of the most expansive games ever made for he 3DS it will keep you playing for hours.


When you first open your game box you will notice a few things included, one o the strangest being a stand for you 3DS, now we would not recommend using this as we found it made playing the game extremely hard as ell as this it seems extremely flimsy as it is made of plastic, but could be useful for watching movies etc.


As well as the stand you will also get a guide detailing how to play the game and feature some of the weapons you will find the game, also included is a starter pack of AR cards, which will allow you to get certain in-game items.


The first thing you will see when you start-up the game is the menu, which gives three different options the first being Solo, which is obviously the campaign mode, then you get Vault where you items are stored and finally Together which is the multiplayer mode.


The controls are the defiant worst aspect of this game, we found them to be extremely tiring as holding a stylus to the 3DS screen always is, given the fact you have to do this throughout the game makes it worse, as well as this we felt he game really needed a 2 circle pad option, as at the moment all you can do is control via the built-in circle pad and stylus or use the circle pad and buttons, but the gae will allow you to use the additional circle pad but only if you need left-handed gameplay, which we found pretty stupid.


The game itself lasts 25 chapters, which if you look at it sounds a bit too short, but in order to 100% complete this title there are 360 in-game achievements to get as well, each level will last no more tan 20 minutes for the average gamer but they are still incredibly enjoyable as long as you hand hasn’t given up on you by then.


Throughout the game there is a range of different difficulty options, each one unlocking different areas within the game with all new content, you will only be able to access some of this items within the other levels but it will cost you hearts to change to another level, which ou will risk losing if you fail a chapter, this means you should only really do this if you feel confident you will beat it.


One thing we loved about this game is the huge expansion opportunities, with tons of speech from characters, cut scenes and links with other 2DS game series such as Nintendogs, we cannot see his game getting old for anyone quickly.


As we mentioned earlier there is a lot of weapon options within the game, 100 to be precise each within different categories including bows for quick guided shots, claws for faster but shorter ranged melee attacks, sniper rifles for your longer and stronger attacks, as well as various dual wield nd explosive weapons. Kid Icarus defiantly catches up with Borderlands bazzilion guns.


In your inventory you will get a 6×6 square which you can fill with various items and weapons, but once it is full you will have to lose some items, much like resident evil you will have to play Tetris with the inventory to make sure you can get the best options available.


We also thought the graphics and music in this game were amazing, with terrific 8-bit sounds and great 2D graphics which get even better once you turn the 3D it’s defiantly one to look at.


Kid Icarus is available in stores now fo your 3DS and will cost you around £30 to buy, we loved this game but what did you think, drop us a comment below.

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