A new German firm decided to take on the Kindle which has been the  long-standing king of the eBooks for quite some time now but could just get knocked off its top spot by the new txtr beagle that will cost just €9.90 which is around £8.

The beagle will launch in four colors including jade green, grapefruit, purple and turquoise, but will not feature any of the features you’ve probably never used on an eReader, including 3G, Wi-Fi and no rechargeable battery (which is a shame), instead you will have to replace the two AAA batteries the reader needs, which they say will last about 12-15 books.

In order to read a book, you have to first upload it via Bluetooth from the txtr app which will be available on Android or iOS, but probably the main attraction to the beagle is its price.

At just £8 you can pick up a beagle and save yourself a ton of money compared to practically any other eReader, including the cheapest Kindle at £59.

There are some catches however, the Beagle can only hold five ebooks at a time, which when compared to the cheapest Kindles’s 1,400 is very slim, alongside which within the store there are only 400,000 books compared to Kindle’s 900,000 starts to show some of the cracks in Txtr’s design.

However I do quite like the overall design of the Beagle, and would probably buy one once it is released in the UK, check out the video below for a better look.

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