Amazon is set to unveil its next flagship e-reader this week, as they confirmed last week.

However, before then we have already got a chance to take a look at what might be the 8th generation Kindle, this is thanks to a leak from the Chinese retail outlet TMall, who posted information about what they say is called the Kindle Oasis.

According to the leak, the Oasis will feature a wedge-shaped design for a more ergonomic grip, and is said to feature an accelerometer that will allow it to auto-rotate 180 degrees, due to this feature, it is said to have buttons on the left and right-hand side for turning the page.

It is also said that the Kindle will have a rechargeable protected case to extend the new Kindle’s battery life, and Amazon are said to be working on a solar-powered version of this case.

Liliputing says that Amazon will offer a leather case with a built-in battery to begin with, which is said to feature several extra months of battery life and come in black, brown and red, with a flip cover to protect the screen.

They also say the screen will have a 300 pixel per inch resolution with an LED backlight, and the e-reader will measure between 3.4mm and 8.5mm, and weigh around 131 grams.

Via: Liliputing

Source: TMall


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