It has been widely rumoured that Amazon will launch the new Kindle Fire 2 at its event in San Diago on September 6th, but no one expected something called the Paperwhite which an image of Leaked earlier today.

The image looks to be an official press image but their have bee reports that the device is an early prototype, which looks to include an illuminated screen much like the previous Kindles.

As it has an e-ink display, there’s also the possibilty that the device will have the ability to turn this backlight off in order to read better in sunlight.

There’s no specifications leaked with the image from The Verge, but translating the French or Canadian text does reveal a few details.

Firstly there will be a much higher contrast than the previous model, and the battery will last up to eight weeks, even with the illuminated screen turned on.

The Paperwhite will also feature the same sort of design from most of the Kindle designs, much like the Kindle Touch but without the button on the fascia.

Whatever it will include, we should find out on September 6th if they do announce it then, you can find out more at the source link.

Source: The Verge


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