Kinepolis have announced that they will be one of the first in Europe to issue its cinema tickets though Apple’s new Passbook application, which will launch as part of iOS 6 on September 19th, and will allow users to store their tickets, membership cards, loyalty cards and discount vouchers in one place.

This will make the cinema one of the first to announce the service in Europe and is a pretty big step for companies worldwide.

In order to use it you will have to order a ticket online via one of the companies websites, (Belgium), (France) or (Spain), after which you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to store your ticket on Passbook, which will scannable as you enter the theatre.

Now all we need is one in the UK, and I will be happy.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]Kinepolis Group takes the lead with PassbookKinepolis announces today that it will issue its cinema tickets through Passbook, Apple’s mobile wallet app, which will be launched on the 19th of September. Passbook is part of iOS6, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Apple iPhone users in Belgium, France and Spain can use Passbook as soon as it’s launched when visiting their favourite Kinepolis cinema theatres.

In so doing Kinepolis once again takes the lead in the international cinema industry when it comes to innovation.

Passbook is an Apple initiative and allows users to digitally store all their tickets, membership cards, customer loyalty cards and discount vouchers with one app in one place on their iPhone.

After a transaction via (Belgium), (France) or (Spain) you store your ticket in Passbook by simply clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail. Before your cinema visit you call up the digital barcode in Passbook and scan it to get into the cinema theatre. Passbook is time and place sensitive, meaning tickets will automatically appear at the appropriate time and place. You will no longer have to look for your ticket.

Smartphone users no longer need a paper purchase confirmation to visit Kinepolis. They already receive an image file with a barcode in their mailbox. Now iPhone iOS6 users can also call up their ticket in Passbook.

Issuing Kinepolis tickets with the Passbook app is a logical step forward in the evolution from online ticketing to mobile ticketing. Soon you will also be able to purchase cinema tickets with a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone.

Earlier this year Kinepolis also launched its renewed website, as well as introducing several personalised iPhone, iPad and Android apps and a newsletter which presents films fans their preferred films and events in function of their favourite genre, actor, director, country of origin and other criteria.



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