One of the biggest announcements during this year’s E3 was Kojima Productions’ first solo venture, Death Standing.

He didn’t reveal much other than a trailer which confirmed that Norman Reedus would star in the game, however, today he revealed some more details about the upcoming game, revealing that the exclusive PlayStation 4 game will feature both single and multiplayer game modes.

More was explained on the Game Informer site, who wrote the following about the news:

Hideo Kojima described the game’s genre as a sort of action game, but with new and different elements; he compared this to how his earlier game Metal Gear (1987), which now is classified as a stealth game, was called action at the time of its release because the stealth genre did not exist yet.

He explained one of the game’s main themes through a short story by K?b? Abe, in which Abe says that the first tool created by humans was a stick, meant as protection by putting a distance between oneself and “bad things”, and that the second tool was a rope, which is used to secure things one finds important. Kojima compared the main “tools” in action games – punching, shooting and kicking – to sticks, and said that in Death Stranding he wants people to communicate through the game equivalents of the ropes.

Source: Game Informer

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