A Bosch start-up named Mayfield Robotics unveiled their plans to get into the home robot market at CES 2017 this week, unveiling a new home robot that they have designed to be a personal yet lovable home robot assistant.

It has been named the Kuri, which was designed to be different from the already existing home robot assistants/butlers because it has been designed with an emphasis on personality, which comes from the expressive eyes and demeanour that Kuri gives off.

But it’s not all design, Kuri is also a voice controlled robot that you can use to control music from your Bluetooth devices only at the moment, however, Mayfield has said that they are working to form partnerships soon. The robot also has a laser array that allows it to map your home, which Kuri can then use to navigate it.

To top that off, Kuri has a 1080p camera inbuilt to allow you to check into your home remotely from the companion iOS and Android application.

And it can control other smart home devices through IFTTT as well as respond to the touch and voice of its users.

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