Lab.C’s USB case is the first case of its kind to mix a USB flash drive with an iPhone case, the case itself has been made from a smooth plastic shell with a rounded back.

The top and bottom of the iPhone is completely exposed along with the mute rocker and volume buttons, when we first received the product we soon noticed that the removable USB stick is not the only special thing about this case, as Lab.C also has a moulded out a recession, where you can place a “Transportation Card”.

That space will allow you to place your NFC capable cards at the bottom of the case for ease of use when getting on and off the transportation system.

The USB drive packs 8GBs of total memory and can easily be removed or placed back by simply sliding it across the plastic rails which hold it in place,

Included in the box with the case is a screen protector film, polishing cloth, bubble-removing card, two Home Button stickers, plus the packaging, which Lab.C can double up as a desktop tray.

One of the best parts about choosing this case is the amount of colors it comes in which include grey-orange, grey-black,grey-grey, white-grey, white-pink, white-lilac, mint-pink, pink-lilac and lilac-mint.

I also really liked how smooth and lightweight the case was to hold, it’s a great case for portability and with the removable USB stick and transportation card slot, this case is actually one of the best for taking on your travels.

One thing I did find a few issues with the camera slot which has been cut a little too small to account for the transportation card slot, which means sometimes you will find your photos come out a bit foggy in low light conditions.

Apart from that, this is a great case for anyone who needs something to take with them whilst on their way to work or just to meet some friends.

You can pick up the case from MobileFun for £24.95, where you will also find a range of iPhone 4 accessories and other mobile related products and accessories.

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