LaCie have today unveiled what they are calling the 5 big Thunderbolt, a five-bay RAID drive with a maximum capacity of 20TB, available in both 10 and 20 TB versions, the 5big packs speeds of up to 785MBps with five 7200rpm/6MB cache hard disks which are preconfigured at RAID o.

THis will allow users to edit multiple 2K uncompressed 10-bit streams with ease, the bay can also be used to create faster volumes with three disks set to RAID 0 and another tw disks set to RAID 1 and finally thee last as a safe volume.

All of these disks are hot-swappable and disks can be simple slid into the safe volume without turning the device off, the 5big also features dual Thunderbolt ports that can be used to daisy chain up to six Thunderbolt peripherals together.

Alongside this the LaCie bay also includes a dual cooling system alongside a heat-dissipating aluminum casing, Noctua cooling fan and jumbo heat exhausts, all of this while being “ultra quite” according to LaCie anyway.

The LaCie will be available for $1,199 and a “Thunderbolt cable is included.”

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