Each and every September Apple updates the iPods from the previous year, in order to keep their life cycle going they always need to keep their products interesting, which is exactly what this recent rumor proposes.

The image you can see above is from the rumor which says the 7th generation nano will once again regain its previous elongated shape, get a gome button and a revamped iTunes offering, but as with any rumor all you can do is speculate.

Personally I don’t think Apple will ever bring apps and/ or a home button to the iPod Nano for two main reasons, the first is that they wouldn’t want to destroy the sales of the iPod Touch by bringing something out of a smaller size and cheaper price, that would be stupid.

As for the Home button I don’t think that would happen to as Apple have already worked so hard to get rid of the click wheel, I’m not sure they would favor a home button instead.

Personally I think the iPod Nano might just stay the way it is for another year and not receive an update as it is still one of Apple’s best-selling iPod’s, if they where to upgrade it however I would like the see it marketed more as a watch, maybe with some Apple built accessories etc, alongside that I would also like to see integration with the iPhone maybe connect the two via Bluetooth and use it like a Pebble Watch.

But as always all we have are dreams, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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