Today a team from Los Angeles called KDCUSA unveiled one of the most compact and interesting projects that we have seen for some time now.

It’s called the Laser Beam Pro C200 and is particularly interesting because the projector is so compact that it can rest in the palm of your hand, and because it uses a laser as the light source, it doesn’t need to focus and it will provide a much brighter and clearer projection.

It is also very portable with 8GB of internal storage and an integrated mono speaker, and you can even attach it to a drone.

However, in order to actually get it into your hands, they need to raise some funds now.

The projector is looking to raise a total of $50,000 in order to go into production. You can take a quick look at it in the video below and if you would like to find out more about it at the source link below that.

Also be sure to hit up the source link if you would like to back the project, you can grab a pre-order of it for $450 if you are early.

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