Since they started construction we have been treated to a number of videos that have been keeping us up to date with the progress of the construction of the Apple Campus 2 building.

The latest drone video was released by Matthew Roberts today, showing massive progress in the building with a number of finishing touches being made and trees being planted, getting ready for the day when the doors will finally open.

We can see that they are still working on the canopies that sit above the windows of the building, as well as some work on the solar panels for the roof, however, it is reported that the solar installation is now about 70% complete. We can also see a paved R&D facility, as well as some finishing landscaping work to the auditorium, which Apple will be using for its future press conferences.

Much of the building is now surrounded with trees, with more in the center space along with more about the sides of the building.

We can also see that the parking garages are now complete and are already in use by the site’s construction workers.

We don’t yet know when Apple will be moving into it, however, when they do, it will house around 13,000 employees.

Take a look at the progress of Apple Campus 2 in 4K glory below.

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