Another new image was leaked for the upcoming Google Pixel 2 today and as the title you just read states, it looks pretty amazing without any side bezels.

The image was leaked by VentureBeat’s Evan Blass as usual and while it’s not extremely clear, we can see that the device may have no side bezels at all, however, we can see bezels along the top and bottom of the phone, so it doesn’t seem to be edge-to-edge.

That all said, it still looks pretty great.

At the moment, we don’t know anything official about the smartphone just yet, however, we have heard a lot of rumours right now, which we rounded up in this article.

Previously, we heard that the smartphone might be coming with a dual-camera system, which every major smartphone seems to be doing, however, according to Blass, that won’t actually be happening.

Other rumours have suggested that the Pixel 2 won’t feature a headphone jack, which will be interesting to see and will probably divide a few people if true.

Check out the leaked image below.

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