Another new photo from the Justice League film was released today, showing off the majority of the Justice League gang.

In the photo, we can see five of the team’s six members including the appearance of Aquaman (Jason Momoa) in full costume for the first time with the trident weapon in his hand.

There is still a member missing, which is Superman of course, who will be played by Henry Cavil. Alongside them, Ray Fisher will play Cyborg, Ben Affleck will continue on as Batman, Ezra Miller will take the role of The Flash and finally, Gal Gadot will resume her role as Wonder Woman after her debut film in June 2017 worldwide.

Justice League will hit theatres worldwide on November 17th, 2017.

After that, The Flash will get his film sometime in 2018 alongside Aquaman in July 2018 and Cyborg in 2020.

Before then, you can check out the latest Justice League trailer below.

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