Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire is already a very successful game before it even launched, the game raised more than $4 million in funding over the Fig crowdfunding website.

The game is being developed by Obsidian and has been designed to be a successor to the original Pillars of Eternity game, which was an awesome role playing game that takes place in the fictional world of Eora, which will continue on in Pillars of Eternity 2.

Today Obsidian showed off one aspect of this world, releasing a new trailer that shows off how ships will work in the world, teasing more about the game in order to raise more funds.

They explained more with the following:

Yes, we can finally confirm what we’ve been keeping secret this whole time: a new and exciting feature that takes the Pillars of Eternity experience to a completely new stage, which adds open-world exploration and discovery to the gameplay on both land and at sea! As many of you guessed correctly, in Deadfire you can be the captain of your own ship. With ships, you have the power to play the game differently; now, you can freely explore the islands of the Deadfire using the new world map.

You want details about the ships? No problem. Your ship is a Dyrwoodan sloop called the Defiant, purchased for you by the Steward of Caed Nua, who has made the journey to help you (part of her, anyway) on your quest to hunt down Eothas, and is one of the first allies to join you on your adventure. The ship acts as your mobile base of operations, carrying you and your comrades wherever you command. Companions will stay on-board while not in your party, and you can even go below decks to your captain’s quarters for rest and relaxation.

You can customize, upgrade, and add personal touches to the Defiant. This includes changing your sails, painting your hull, and flying flags to show your personal colors/faction allegiance. You can also improve the performance of your cannons, sails, and hull, beyond just their cosmetic appearance. For example, Dwarven cannons add extra firepower in naval battles, or while upgraded sails give you an extra bit of speed to outmaneuver your opponent. If we hit our $3.5 million stretch goal,we’ll add even more new and amazing, unlockable upgrades for your ships. And if we hit our $4 million stretch goal, we will add other ships that you can find, purchase, or even steal during your adventure – to make them your own.

You can also check out the trailer below for a quick look.

There is still over 10 hours remaining (at the time of writing) on the Fig crowdfunding campaign, so you can still back the project if you are interested, pledges are starting at $29 and the game will launch sometime in Q1 2018 for a range of devices including Mac and PC.

Source: Fig

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