Google said that they would be working on a sort of ad blocker for Google Chrome back in June of this year, and today we are starting to see that work as an ad blocker rolled out to the latest version of Google Chrome Canary for Android, which is the developer version of the mobile browser that allows users to test early features.

The latest of these new features is an adblocker as we previously mentioned.

To test it out for yourself you need to download the latest version of Google Canary on your Android smartphone.

After that install has finished you can go to Settings, Site Settings, and then Ads.

From here you will see an option to turn it on or off. Once on Google says that it will “block ads from sites that tend to show intrusive ads.” not all ads.

They will be doing this with their “Better Ads Standards” guidelines which are a set of rules that Google thinks that site owners should abide by in order to keep advertising appropriate and unobtrusive.

We don’t know how popular this solution will be, but we think it is a much better one than what is currently used as it still allows sites the earn money from advertisements, such as our own.

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