The UK based mobile operator EE has today announced that they have switched on their 4G+ service in London.

Dubbed the next step in 4G technology and sometimes named LTE-Advanced, the new service will deliver speeds as quick as 150Mbps to smartphones according to the technology.

To do this it will use EE’s 2.6GHz high capacity spectrum throughout central London.

Mobile operator EE has announced that 4G+ has been switched on in London. Here’s how EE explained the new speeds in its statement:

“On top of this, the additional airwaves being used for 4G+ add new capacity for all EE customers, like adding extra lanes to a motorway, giving an uplift to all customers in the 4G+ enabled locations.”

To use the service you will need a device that has compatibility for the 4G+ spectrum, which includes the Samsung Alpha and the Samsung Note 4, you will also need to be in one of the following areas: Shoreditch, Old Street, Southbank, Soho, Westminster and Kensington.

By next June Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester should also have access to the service.

EE also announced that they have switched on 19 more towns and cities this month including Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, this means that 75% of the UK is now 4G covered.

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