Boy, Genius Report recently acquired a report from Best Buy suggesting an iPhone launch on the US carrier Sprint in the first week of October, with pre-sales starting before then, the document basically mentions that a launch is expected but dates are subject to change.

This would make sense as we have already heard that the new iPhone announced during the next Apple Music event which is due in September and will hit the shelves in the first weeks of October, this could be a mix of inside knowledge on Best Buy’s part or it could just be a bit of forward thinking.

This is my next also shown off their very own Best Buy leak showing an internal screen from a Best Buy store in the US getting an “Apple Fixture” which would be installed on the 21st of October which is also the expected release date of the iPhone 5.

What do you think? Do you think Best Buy have got it right? Will this be the same for the UK?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

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