A new image has been posted around the internet today, allegedly showing Bungie’s future plans for Destiny, the image is said to show the expansions it plans to release in the upcoming future.

According to the Italian Destiny community’s Facebook page who posted the image on 1st October 2014, the image was reportedly taken during an internal meeting. Since the image was posted on the original page it made its way around Reddit, Twitter and the Bungie.net forum.

So it’s probably worth noting that anything from now on is both speculation and subject to change, given that this image was posted in October it’s likely that plans might have been changed.

Despite that we are still going to talk about the information, within which was the reveal of release dates for the DLCs including House of Wolves which is said to be released on 10th March 2015, alongside a number of other yet to be announced DLC packages.

The image also provides details for all of the DLCs, noting that House of Wolves will have 3 story missions, 1 strike, 1 raid and 4 new PVP maps that are set on the Cosmodrome, the Moon, Venus and the Reef.


Following House of Wolves is a number of details for other planed expansions, the first of which is Comet: Plague of Darkness, set to be released in September 2015, the image shows Comet to include 12 story missions, 4 strikes, 1 raid, 6 PVP maps and 1 new location, locations to be featured according to the image include the Moon, Venus, Mars and something that has been called Hive Ship, which could possibly be the new location to be added.

It is also said that Plague of Darkness will include three new subclasses and two new weapon types, however it doesn’t go into anymore detail than that.

After Plague of Darkness we have more DLCs that seem to be more like placeholders with yet to be announced details.

The third expansion has been called Vex, said to include 3 story missions, 2 strikes, 1 raid and a yet to revealed number of PVP maps all entering around the locations of Venus and Mars.

Then there’s the fourth expansions which has been called Forge of Gods, this has yet to have any details revealed for it, leaked or official.

As of yet that’s about all we know, however we will let you know as soon as there’s more information.

Via: Eurogamer

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