The UK mobile carrier Three today announced that they will be carrying Lenovo’s latest Android smartphone, the Lenovo P2, which is available on their range of monthly plans that start from £18 a month with no upfront fee.

It’s also available for £199.99 on pay as you go.

Probably the most interesting feature of the P2 is its 5,100mAh battery, which they say can provide enough charge to allow the battery to last up to three days according to Lenovo.

It also features rapid charging to provide you with 10 hours of battery life from a charging time as low as 15 minutes, and because of that large battery, it can also work as a portable charger to allow you to charge other USB-powered devices.

And even with that battery, the phone is still quite slim at just 8.5mm thick.

The smartphone also features a 5.5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display with a full-metal unibody design, a 13MP rear-facing camera, a 5MP front-facing camera, and 32GB of inbuilt storage.

It also features a headphone jack with Android 6 Marshmallow pre-installed, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor.

Brendan Arndt, the lead product manager for marketing at Three, said the following about it:

“We are pleased to have added the P2 as an exclusive device in our range, with its superior three day battery life and 4G Super-Voice compatibility. It’s ideal for those that are constantly on the go, or those that use more battery draining applications such as gaming or streaming.  Plus it’s perfect for those that want a phone to last when they go away for a weekend, without having to worry about carrying a battery pack around in order to stay in touch.”

The Lenovo P2 will be available from Three in the UK from January 16th, before then you can find out more at the source link below.

Source: Three

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