There’s always one or more unusual announcements at CES no matter the year, and this year’s conference is already no different after Lenovo’s announcement of the new Thinkpad Yoga Tablet with AnyPen.

At it’s basis the new Thinkpad Yoga is as you would expect from a tablet, but it also includes a new feature that allows you to use any conductive object with the display just as you would a stylus, this includes anything from a pencil to a fork, yup I did just say a fork.

This isn’t actually anything new however, Sony’s smartphone already supports both pen and pencil input, but it might be one of the first that allows for pretty much any conductive object.

In terms of specs the new tablet has two front-facing speakers with Wolfson Master Hi-Fi noise reduction and Dolby audio, Windows 8.1 pre-installed, an 8-inch Full HD display, Intel Atom processor and a battery life that is said to last up to 15 hours.

The lenovo ThinkPad Yoga with AnyPen will be available to but later this month priced at $299 in the US.

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