Yesterday Seagate unveiled a massive 60TB SSD, but they aren’t the only ones who have been working on high-capacity SSDs.

Today Lenovo unveiled their latest high-capacity SSD, or rather SSD board that is capable of supporting a capacity of up to 48TB, for a massive amount of storage with all of the advantages of SSDs.

The board will fit in a space that would normally be filled with two standard 2.5-inch storage drives, but with significantly more capacity than what you would normally fit in those slots.

However, it has not been designed for use with desktop PCs, but for use with servers or hardware running applications.

To develop the SSD Board technology, Lenovo worked with Toshiba, Seagate, NxGn Data, and Amphenol as part of a program named Project Spark.

It is expected that Lenovo will launch the SSD Board during the middle of 2017.

That said, Lenovo did not reveal any information on the pricing or worldwide availability about the 48TB SSD Board. Unfortunately, we don’t have any images of the SSD Board either.

Via: PC World

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