As you may already know, today is Samsung’s long-awaited Unpacked Event which will take place in New York later today, in order to advertise this, they add a new billboard to Times Square telling people to “Be ready 4 The Next Galaxy”, however that wording may just backfire on them as LG have added their own billboard’s above the one’s Samsung have already placed in the section stating, “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now!”, an obvious troll by the company.

But that’s not all, they even themed the advertising to be similar to that of the Samsung billboard’s below, one being white and the other black, making it obvious that they might be trying to grab some of the attention during today’s press announcement.

It is however extremely funny, I always find it enjoyable when companies do little things like this.

Get ready for more news from Samsung later, as we should have the official announcements coming to you guys later.


Via EnGagdet

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