The CES 2017 trade show isn’t set to kick off until January 5th, but as with previous years, a number of exhibitors have been making some early announcements.

Today LG made one of those early announcements, unveiling their own Bluetooth speaker, which comes with a voice-activated assistant.

There are already a lot of Bluetooth speakers around and a range of assistants on offer, so getting anything new off the ground is going to be hard, however, LG aims to impress by fitting their Bluetooth speaker with something a little more exciting.

It takes the idea of a Bluetooth speaker and voice assistant a little further by defying gravity.

Of course, this isn’t the first levitating speaker around, however, any levitating speaker is pretty darn interesting to us.

In terms of design and other features, the speaker will come with a sleek white design, 350-degree sound speaker, and a 10-hour battery life, but once it runs out of that battery, it can recharge by returning to the base station, which has been named the Levitation Station.

The speaker will also be able to stream from any Bluetooth connected device, however, that’s about all that we know right now.

We expect to hear more during CES 2017, at which point, we will let you know.

Source: PRNewswire (LG)

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