Alongside the announcement of the LG G5, LG announces a number of devices that have been designed to work with the modular nature of the smartphone, called “Friends”.

Announced at MWC 2016 this week, the devices range from Cam Plus all the way up to the Rolling Bot companion.

The LG Cam Plus is the first of these devices, designed to extend the smartphone’s camera, it provides a better grip alongside a separate shutter button, video button and an analogue zoom dial.

LG-360-CAMIt also extends the G5’s 2,800 mAh battery to a 4,000 mAh one.

This comes alongside the LG Hi-Fi Plus, which also plugs into the bottom of the phone, designed in partnership with B&O Play, it is a 32-bit DAC and AMP that allows you to access high-quality audio without the need for a separate device.

The “Friends” devices don’t just plug into the smartphone however, there are also some separate accessories too, including the LG 360 Cam and the LG 360 VR headset.

The LG 360 Cam uses a pair of back-to-back 13-megapixel sensors to provide 180 or 360-degree video or still capture, which can then be viewed on the phone or through the VR headset.LG-360VR

They are also compatible with Google Street View and YouTube 360.

CbwatVpW4AAA5be (1)The LG 360 VR headset has been designed to be used specifically with this, designed to be more like a pair of glasses, it plugs into the G5’s USB Type-C port, but because it has its own displays you don’t need to slide the phone into it.

Last on the list is the LG Rolling Bot, which is a wireless robot companion that connects to your home Wi-Fi network and is controlled via your phone from anywhere in the world.

From this, you can control its movement, but also its mic and speakers.

It also features both a camera and a laser, the latter has been designed to be used as a laser pointer to let you play with you pets whilst away from home.

We don’t yet know the release date or pricing for these devices.

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