LG has today announced a new product called the Smart Bulb, which is basically a lightbulb that will connect to your iOS or Android device, allowing it to be controlled remotely, as well as feature some extra add-ons.

One of those features is something called “LG Smart Lighting”, allowing the light to feature a security mode that allows it make you house appear as if you were home when you’re away, there’s also a mode that will flash light when you are plating music, as well as another that will allow it to flash when you receive a phone call.

Users can also control the brightness of the bulb remotely, and set it to slowly brighten up as you wake up.

According to LG the bulbs can last more than 10 years when used for a max of five hours a day.

The bulbs will be available in South Korea to begin with, priced at 35,000 won, there’s no news yet if they will make it elsewhere.

Via: Android Central

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